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  • Nora Floor Lamp Nora Floor Lamp
    Quickshop Creating a beautiful setting in your home, the Nora floor lamp is...
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    Nora Floor Lamp
    Regular price Dhs. 4,463 Dhs. 5,950 Sale price
  • Ivy Floor Lamp Ivy Floor Lamp
    Quickshop A masterpiece of modern luxury. Crafted from exquisite stainless steel, its sleek...
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    Ivy Floor Lamp
    Regular price Dhs. 4,815 Dhs. 6,420 Sale price
  • Cassy Floor Lamp Cassy Floor Lamp
    Quickshop Unique, art deco reimagined. The Cassy Floor Lamp is an art deco...
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    Cassy Floor Lamp
    Regular price Dhs. 1,265 Dhs. 2,530 Sale price