Rafiki Dining Table

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The Rafiki Dining Table features two beautiful slatted wooden pedestals with the table top resting soundly on top, this piece has quite the edge. Pair this dining table with the Rafiki bench to really stand out from the crowd with ample versatility - choose 1 bench with dining chairs, a bench on either side and dining chairs on the end, or forfeit the bench and go with the chairs only! The Rafiki range also the Rafiki Sideboard and Rafiki Dining Cabinet that will accommodate your dining room storage requirements. A stunning Rafiki dining table that comfortably seats 8-10 people derived from mango wood which is known for its long durability and its kaleidoscopic brown hues. The deep chocolate brown color of this piece serves as an inviting focal point to your dining room setting.


Length 225 x Width 110 x Height 78 CM

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