Nova Recliner Bed-Black


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A new generation of technology that maximizes bed comfort, is the Nova Recliner Bed. Nova Recliner Bed adjustable base with a special motorized system that provides movement from different parts, allowing for various uses beyond the comfort of the bed. Adjusting the adjustable base into the position where your body will be comfortable, you can read books, watch TV or use your laptop without neck and back pain. Additionally, those who have a physical illness or suffer from movement restrictions with age, can easily get out of bed, sit down or lie down. Nova Recliner Bed also gives freedom of movement to couples. Spouses can adjust their side of the bed according to their wishes, they can sleep or sit down. Nova Recliner Bed Base is a highly comfortable solution that brings joy to life against exhaustion and physical strain.


Length 245 x Width 220 x Height 107 CM

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