Henry dining chair-Grey


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The Henry Chair makes a statement with attractive colors, elegant curves and a luxurious appearance. Taking design cues from classic wingback and armchairs, The Henry Chair possesses identifiable wings on each side of the back frame, which seamlessly flows to its angled armrest design. The prominence of the wings and armrests, combined with its rich Grey colors, give Henry an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. Premium quality Grey colored fabric is upholstered to perfection on the frame, adding to its luxurious look and giving the Henry an unmistakably rich texture. Its Deep diamond tufting is also present on Henrys backrest, giving the chair a plush look and ample cushioning. Lastly, Four gorgeously crafted black nickel legs provide more than enough support to Henrys frame. The Henry Chair is available in different colors and materials, giving you options that would luckily suit your taste.


Width 56 x Depth 70 x Height 89 CM

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