Henry Dining Chair Khaki


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Take a seat on this soft pile khaki velvet dining chair to really heighten your dining experience at home. Artfully designed with a deep diamond tufting on the back of this chair and gold legs. This piece will work with classic, modern and mid-century living. Visually appealing and structurally sound this punctilious soft pile velvet host chair is designed to give your everyday mealtime a regal twist. The semi-wing sides in the Henry, allow you to embrace in comfort while you are unwinding from a long day. Henry gracefully acclimatizes itself to the rest of your furnishings without having to compromise your comfort. This elegant piece comes in a mesmerizing khaki to gel with more earthy surroundings or a bold and daring brown to stand out with your statement dining table.


Width 56 x Depth 70 x Height 89 CM

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